A healthy diet is an important aspect of Chinese medicine. There is a famous Chinese saying, which says:

» First of all, try changing the diet; only if this doesn't work, should you reach for the medicine «

Nutritious food is the source of our vitality and may be either supported or destroyed by our daily diet

Wok pan with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and other vegetables
Delicious gently in wok pan cooked dish

It can therefore be useful to perform an individual nutritional counselling based on the ailments, as this will provde an on-going and gentle support of the healing process.

My dietary counselling concentrates on choosing and preparing food that is easily digestible, so that the patient has a sense of well-being after each meal and no longer suffes from digestive problems, such as diarrhea, soft defecation, bloating, eructation or constipation. 

Dietary counselling based on TCM principles is particularly beneficial for patients with skin, immunological or hormonal disorders. Alternatively, I can prepare a healthy dietary program, which supports weight loss and detoxifiaction without having to count the calories or feeling hungry.