My professional training to become a General Practioner, awakened my interest in naturopathy. In addition to my qualifications to practise as a General Practitioner and a Doctor of Naturopathy, I trained and qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine wtih some of the world's leading Medical Societies. 

I have been running my own practice with a focus on Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 30 years.

Training and Professional Practice

Medical studies

1986 - 1990

Specialist medical training as a General Practitioner and Doctor of Naturopathy.

Professional Practice


Opened my practice for Chinese medicine, naturopathy and General Medicine.

Professional examinations for Chinese medicine

  • Certificate A (Professional training): German Medical Society for Acupuncture (DÄGfA), Munich
  • Certificate B (Advanced Professional training): German Medical Society for Acupuncture DÄGfA
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Qualification: Association for Classical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine AGTCM
  • Acupuncture Qualification: Medical Council of North Rhine-Westphalia

Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in TCM

Ongoing professional education in Chinese acupuncture and Phytotherapy with Barbara Kirschbaum, Dr. Fritz Friedl, Giovanni Macciocia, Ted Kaptschuk, Jeremy Ross and T. Yamamoto, as well as at the following professional societies and TCM-clinics:

Additional Qualifications in Naturopathy