Dr. med. Astrid Hergarten

General Practitioner specialising
in Acupuncture and Naturopathic Medicine

Tel.: 0221 - 23 28 22 | praxis-hergarten@netcologne.de

Herbal medicine

Chinesiche Heilpflanzen - 2

Based on the patient's diagnosis, I prescribe a Chinese herbal formula, taken in the form of a herbal tea, that specifically matches and treats the individual health problem. The herbal formula has a regulating effect on the internal organs and bodily fluids. As the condition improves during the treament, the Chinese herbal formaula may be modified until the desired outcome is achieved.

Chinese medicines are generally imported from PR China and I normally use only herbal mdeicines (leaves, blossoms, stalks, bark or roots). Only in exceptional instances, do I use mineral or animal-related ingredients. 

All medicines are checked by the pharmacies in Germany as regards their content and quality.

The herbal formulae are being developed continuously to take account of the changes arising from the effects of our modern western lifestyle. I refine my herbal formulae based on both my own persoanl experience and the regular exchange of information with other practising doctors.